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TrainStationHR has been developed by experienced Human Resources Consultants. We have researched our clients needs and focused our efforts on developing a HR software tool that can help them on a day to day basis.

We have listened to employers and analysed the areas of HR Management that cause them the most frustration. We have assisted employers in managing disciplinary, grievance and communication issues and also represent employers in discussions with 3rd parties such as state inspectors, legal tribunals and employee representatives.

We have used 20 years of experience in HR Consultancy to filter and identify the areas where employers need assistance and have designed TrainStationHR around these areas.

Why Develop TrainStationHR?

The 3 key reasons for developing the product were;

  1. The increase in employment legislation has placed strict requirements on employers to ensure that employee rights are met. This involves much paperwork and administration so TrainStationHR provides an individual, confidential online account to store much of this information, to assist in employment law compliance. Further content can easily be added at any time as necessary.
  2. With the best will in the world, in many organisations, especially small and medium enterprises and owner managed organisations, it can be difficult to ensure that all employees have received and signed off on all the documents, policies and training material they need to do their job to their full potential. By using TrainStationHR, there is a ‘one click’ source of access to training records.
  3. Most Organisations have been conscious of costs recently. By using TrainStationHR, firms can save money on:
    • Reduced travel time and expenses for HR employees
    • No loss of productive working time for Line Managers
    • Reduced photocopying/postage costs
    • Reduced external training costs by harnessing internal learning
    • Reduced legal costs due to avoidance of HR disputes
    • Having a fully trained workforce = increased morale = increased productivity = improved bottom line.

Contact us with any queries or avail of the free trial!

The primary feature/function of the system is the online training account where all an employers relevant documentation and other necessary material can be stored. We have designed other functions that are optional but offer further key uses for TrainStationHR (go to our Features page).

We are committed to evolve TrainStationHR to suit our clients need and develop our functions list as we get feedback from you.

We also offer a resource library of useful HR notes, newsletters and commentary for the Administrator of the system to review and hopefully learn from.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website for further information or don’t hesitate to email us on

Why not register and set up the free trial to view the system. We are confident it will offer a lot to your business and help the management of your HR system.

The TrainStationHR Team

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