Reduce Your Business Costs

TrainStationHR saves your Organisation money!


  • TrainStationHR gives direct financial savings to your organisation by reducing travel expenses, fuel costs, room hire costs, printing and postage costs and less distraction for Line Managers who can focus on the business requirements. 
  • TrainStationHR gives indirect financial benefits to your Organisation by ensuring that all your employees are trained to maximise their potential to your business. This can lead to a maximisation of their contribution to your bottom line.
  • TrainStationHR reduces your organisations risk of fines, legal awards and legal costs that can accumulate quickly in the event of employment law breaches, staff legal cases or industrial relations disputes.
  • TrainStationHR can reduce the need for recruitment costs, both internally and externally by harnessing the existing talent to fill internal vacancies.
  • TrainStationHR can reduce your need to involve external training consultants as you harness internal knowledge and encourage experienced employees to pass their experience onto junior colleagues.



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